Last Updated on 5 September, 2019. These GDPR policy is effective immediately.
We respect the privacy of our website visitors and Chocoholic App users.

Your rights under the GDPR:

Right to be notified
You have the right to know what your personal data do we process and what is the reason for such processing. We only collect your name and email, but not processing them at all.

Right of access 
If you request, we will provide all your own personal data we collect.

Right to rectification 
If you want to update your personal data, you can do it inside your Chocoholic App., or let us know, to edit them for you. 

Right to be deleted
You have the right to be deleted and ask us to erase your personal data once you stop using Chocoholic App. We will remove all your data.

Right to restriction of processing 
You have the right to withdraw any consent you gave us to process your personal data. Anyway, we do not process them at all. 

Right to export data 
After reasonable request, we will export your data to you.

Rights in relation to profiling 
Your data that are collected by Chocoholics World, is not profiled for any marketing or other activities. 
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